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Welcome to the Charlotte Tradesmen: Charlotte's Leather/Levi Club

Who are the Tradesmen? We are a fellowship of individuals having a common character and interest, dedicated to the development and improvement of brotherhood. To accomplish this, The Tradesmen endeavor to promote better communication between individuals, and to promote and support charitable causes. The Tradesmen believe in the equality of brotherhood regardless of race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.



2020 Schedule of Events

Like many clubs and organizations, we've been closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation. At this time the Tradesmen feel it is necessary to postpone our Trademark run to a date to be determined. We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as this difficult time passes. Thank you to our community for their longstanding and continued support for the Tradesmen, House of Mercy, and the Woodshed. Please direct any questions to the Tradesmen Facebook account or our e-mail: charlotte.tradesmen@gmail.com. Stay safe and healthy.




home | leather run | who we are | our history | how to join |house of mercy | our local bar | contact us


Feel free to contact us at Charlotte.tradesmen@gmail.com

The Tradesmen - P.O. Box 31654 - Charlotte, NC 28231

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